XDT Lab for talented choreographers – AS FOUR

The latest dance performance by the Xiexin Dance Theatre company, one of China's most renewed dance companies brings together four of their top dancers for "Four styles. Four textures. Four stories. Four attitudes."
2022-10-15 2022-10-16

XDT Lab for talented choreographers – AS FOUR


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Seating Plan

Shanghai International Dance Center

State of the art dance performance and education hub, covering 39,100 sqm spread over ten buildings. They're got a huge, sleek and modern-looking 1,000+ occupancy grand theater, as well as smaller experimental spaces, all specially designed for dance.

1650 Hongqiao Lu, near Shuicheng Lu

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Epidemic Prevention Commitment

1. I and the audience have not been in contact with people infected with the new coronavirus or suspected of being infected within 14 days, have not been to the medium and high risk areas of the epidemic, have not been in contact with people in medium and high risk areas, and have normal body temperature (≦37.3℃) for 14 days, no Symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and fatigue appear.

2. When entering the venue, the person and the audience must cooperate with body temperature detection, show the green dynamic "accompanying code" and "travel code", cooperate with scanning the "digital sentinel" gate, and provide within 48 hours (with nucleic acid test to issue a report time) Subject to) a negative nucleic acid test report (nucleic acid sampling records without results within 24 hours cannot be used as a reference certificate, please understand!) Those who cannot provide will be refused entry to the theater;

3. I and the audience undertake that the above content is completely true, and voluntarily assume all legal and economic responsibilities for the consequences caused by concealment, false reporting, false reporting or falsification of information.

Get ready for the collection of works from Xiexin Dance Theatre.

Follow the trajectory of REDSHIFT FORGETTING CURVE with LI Kehua;

Discover the chemistry among people through BUMP INTO… with FAN Xiaoyun;

See under the love and scars of STRANGER with TU Yuchen.

Reach for the other self through A BROKEN STORY with WANG Xiaoyu

Four styles. Four textures. Four stories. Four attitudes.


AS FOUR is a collection of dance works by Xiexin Dance Theatre that delves into the exploration of self. The life experiences and emotional pursuits of the four choreographers add distinct and unique color and characteristics to the entire work. LI Kehua, an active performer in international cross-over projects, adopts the astronomical and physical concept of “red shift” to depict a curve about “forgetting” on the stage. FAN Xiaoyun, Rehearsal Director of XDT, explores the forces that have been “pulling” us through her observation and introspection. TU Yuchen, XDT dancer, delicately explore the “familiarity and unfamiliarity” in a comfortable relationship. And there’s WANG Shaoyu, who reaches for his other self through the million broken pieces of his dreams.

Different pieces of dance works demonstrate different styles, directions and attitudes, which reflects Xiexin Dance Theatre’s constant pursuit of different expressions and body movement textures, embracing the charms of diverse dance styles and presentation. We look forward to bringing you a different viewing experience with AS FOUR!


As we walk down the same paths and see the same faces day after day, the conversations begin to go round and round like a clock. Unlike the hues that shined upon our eyes at the beginning of life, the colors we see now are as if from under the water, blurred, distorted and faded. It feels like a dog with a muzzle, a bird in a cage, a dolphin and a whale performing in an aquarium, an elephant in a dress. What does the soul look like? What is the right thing to do to awaken the soul buried deep under the skin? Until we find the answer, we are constantly busy, searching, as if we will receive a notice of our imminent death if we stop. We may not find the answer for the rest of our lives, or we may choose to stop and face it at a certain moment, at a certain place, or in front of a certain person. It glows, splendidly, and does not belong to any of the landscapes we remember.

BUMP INTO… by FAN Xiaoyun

Against the backdrop of the current context, what is it that pulls us through our connections to the outside world in this era of perplexity and complexity? Can we regard what we encounter in the daily dynamics as a chemical reaction? If it is a chemical reaction, where time, space and people intertwine, oxidizing, glowing, reducing, cooling… Each change has a process and can be brought to fruition after the collision. Everything is in its making.



Familiarity versus unfamiliarity,

We dare to reveal our human frailty and strength in comfortable relationships. We long for more love and mutual understanding but end up hurting and hiding from each other unconsciously for one reason or another, every tiny bit of it derives and can be found in our daily lives.


I used to believe that the self in my dream was real, that "I" was living in another time and space, and that dreams were our way of connecting. When the countless broken pieces were linked together, I began to wonder if it was "me" in that time and space, or if I was "him".

[About Choreographers]

LI Kehua (Lico)

Freelance artistic creator, choreographer and dancer. She graduated from Minzu University of China with a degree in Folk Dance Performance and spent six years as a professional dancer with the Beijing Dance/LDTX. Later on, as a freelance artistic creator, she has travelled around the world on her own and participated in many international collaborative projects, actively promoting cultural exchange between China and the West. She is particularly active in the field of cross-over art collaboration, art museum exhibition, original onsite works, original dance videos, online media and other global collaborations. She adds dynamism to Chinese contemporary art creation. She has collaborated with artists in the fields of dance, painting, music, sculpture, visual arts, video and environmental art. Her solo photographic artwork “Flower with Hua” was invited to exhibit at the U Art Museum in Beijing’s 798 Art Zone. She has been a leading actress in Dai Jian’s work “MO” and Zhou Liya’s dance work “Yào”, Yang Wei’s dance drama “Canal”, Anne Tournié’s work Le Petit Prince.  

FAN Xiaoyun 

Rehearsal Director & Dancer of Xiexin Dance Theater. Graduated from Shanghai University of Sport, she joined Xiexin Dance Theater in October 2017. She participated in the company’s works: From IN, Entropy, Reflection, Obsessive, UNKNOWN, Harmonic Series, as well as Xie Xin’s works Floating Mark and Face to Face. She participated in a Sino-Portuguese collaboration program called the Rite of Spring, performed in HU Shenyuan’s Choreography Rainbow at Night and Liu Jia’s choreography 00:00. On November 19, 2018, she was invited to join the seminar by European Vltima ves. In 2019, she was invited by Sanya Vocational College to be its guest teacher. In 2019, she choreographed and performed Water Chamber, a music dance theater project produced by Shanghai Concert Hall and directed by Peng Zhang. In 2019, she was invited to perform in PLAY 2 as “Water God”, a site-specific performance in Shanghai choreographed by Conor Doyel, who is also the choreographer of Sleep No More. From June to July in 2019, she was invited to jointly create a theatre show entitled Fruen Fra Havet. In May, 2020, she was the choreographer in the short film co-produced by Burberry and Nowness. In October, 2020, she starred in the filming of “XU ZHI - 2021 Spring/Summer Series New Design Release”. In December, 2020, she was invited to the filming of NEIWAI 2021 New Product Release. In January 2021, she was the main-actress of DEVIALET - PHANTOM new production’s trailer. In April, 2021, she was invited to choreograph and act as one of the performing guests at the XU ZHI Fall/Winter “Disorder” fashion show. She received the invitation to participate in the filming of Addidas Women collection in July 2021.

TU Yuchen

Graduated from University of Taipei with a degree in dance, she joined Xiexin Dance Theatre as a full-time dancer in 2019. She had excellent performance in the company’s works, including From IN, Harmonic Series, Entropy and T.I.M.E. She was on tour with the company’s work to Germany, France and Croatia. The jointly produced work named YI/LEI, is part of the well acclaimed dance work collections Reflection by young choreographers. She participated in the Annual Exhibition of University of Taipei - Chen Shu Yun’s Dialogue between Man, and Robot and Tiny Dust, Hsiao Jun Ling’s Smokeless, Lin Wen Zhong’s Flowing Clouds in Annual Graduation Exhibition of University of Taipei. In 2018, she participated in Taipei Fringe Festival with The Feast. She participated in Water Reflection Dance Ensemble’s Flower of Life and Pollard Script. In 2017, she participated in WCdance’s performance Touch, Long River, and The Wind Rises. In 2016, she performed in the Guangzhou Dance Festival with Wave. In 2015, she attended the Beijing Dance Festival and In the same year, she performed in the Neo-Classic Dance Company’s Le Petit Prince 3.0. In 2014, she performed in Taipei Fringe Festival with co-creation of Worry and Sorrow. 

WANG Shaoyu 

Graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy with a degree in international standard ballroom dancing, he joined Xie Xin Dance Theatre as a full-time dancer in 2020. In 2018, he participated in Xie Xin Dance Theatre's From IN and in 2019, he went to the Netherlands to participate in the NDT Summer Intensive. He won the first place at the International Standard Dance Championship in Chengdu for the genres of Latin and Modern. He was the lead dancer of the national tour of Yellow River. In 2020, he and Tu Yuchen choreographed the work Otherness, which was premiered at Shanghai International Dance Centre and was presented at the Hillside Dancers Art Week and Wuzhen Theatre Festival in 2021.

[Creative Team]

Artistic Director & Producer: XIE Xin

Choreographer: LI Kehua Lico, FAN Xiaoyun, TU Yuchen, WANG Shaoyu

Dancers: FAN Xiaoyun, WANG Shaoyu, TU Yuchen, MA Siyuan, HU Haiqing, WU Yang, CHEN Yalin

Lighting Design: LI Junlong

Executive Producer: LIU He

Operation Director: LIU Zhonglei

Administration manager: LIN Hongjun

Produced and performed by: Xiexin Dance Theatre

Supporter: Shanghai International Dance Center Theater

[Xiexin Dance Theatre]

Xiexin Dance Theatre (XDT) focuses on creation of original works of contemporary dance, body research and education of contemporary dance. Since XDT establishment in 2014, the dance group gradually developed into the backbone of the development of contemporary dance in china. XDT has been divided three parts to operation: that include creation and performance (XDT-Xiexin dance theatre), education (XDT- Education), clothing brand (XDT- Vanguard body). XDT emphasis on explore the unique luggage of body, and amplification the body technology so that to forming a self-concept of world frontier on technology style. In the creation side, XIE Xin’s work has turned the technology to emotion of human, meanwhile all the possibility of body movement were in order to research the most accurate luggage of body. they try to make the abstract dance can come to the heart directly so that leave a style of XIE Xin’s work.

XIE Xin, artistic director, has won many gold medals in modern dance competitions at home and abroad. The works have been invited by more and more influential international art festivals, including the Finland International Dance Kuopio Festival, Stuttgart Colours International Dance Festival, France Summer Art festival, Swiss STEPS dance festival, Italy Orient Occident dance festival,  Germany Wiesbaden Theatre performance season, Sibnik dance festival, Split dance festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hongkong city contemporary dance festival, China contemporary dance two year exhibition, Beijing spring art festival, China dance twelve days in Country Grand Theatre, New York Autumn dance festival, and have invited by Theatre of Lyons dance house and so on.

The troupe future will annually invite internationally renowned choreographer who came to China for contemporary dancers created new works, and teach workshops. Committed to the construction of international contemporary dance exchange platform, focusing on the creation of international cooperation projects and high-quality presentation. Representative work of XDT: From IN, Harmonic series, UNKNOWN, Obsessive, Entropy, T.I.M.E, Reflection, Falling, Special Movement, Plus, FLOSATING, FLOW MARK, Face 2 Face II-Time·Design·Boby, Murmur, Monent, My Other Me, Listen to your body, The Nearest Far.

Guided by Shanghai municipal instructions for art centers, the following countermeasures are implemented by Shanghai International Dance Center Theatre to prevent the COVID-19 virus:

1. Pre-sale: Only 50% of the tickets will be available for each performance during the first round of pre-sale period.

2. Tickets purchasing: Please select your seats online and both e-tickets and printed tickets by mail will be valid.

3. Ticket claim: Please get your tickets before the performance date or 90 minutes before the performance and follow our staff’s guidance to keep social distance.

4. Entering time: The audience can start to enter the auditorium 60 minutes before the performance starts.

5. Validation: Please show your TRAVEL CODE and SHANGHAI QR CODE at the main entrance, and walk past the Digital Sentinel in turn. Audiences are required to provide a negative PCR test result issued within 72 hours. Please wear a face mask to enter the theater.The proof of PCR test awaiting result will not be accepted. This notice will be adjusted according to the city’s further guidelines based on the pandemic’s situation.

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