From Paris to Shanghai to all over your retinas, here is “Temple of Light”, a fully involved and fully immersive lighting installation on the banks of the Huangpu River. “Temple of Light” is a 600-square-meter, 7-meter-high box outfitted with “3LCD projector technology and Meyer Sound’s ULTRA-X20 spatialized sound system". It’s a big, soothing, mesmerizing box of light that rinses you out for 40 minutes or so.

The installation has two pieces: "Ukiyo-e Visions" and "Mutations."

Ukiyo-e Visions

Ukiyo-e Visions” comprises the bulk of the piece and is massive renderings of 17th-19th century Japanese print art, replete with Great Waves of Kanawaga, exploding sakura trees, and feudal conflict.


Mutation”, coming from a totally different, very much more Kraftwerk kind of place, is an abstract, absolutist screen-saver, ASMR bliss-ride that takes you over with spinning geometric shapes, waves, and angles.

The inaugural content for the exhibition was created by the world-famous award-winning Danny Rose creative studio, which specializes in hypnotic, anodyne, and bombastic displays of light.

If you're a fan of being immersed in three, four, five, six, or even seven dimensions of light, this is one to check out.

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Getting There:

Temple of Light is in a temporary tent at the North Bund. Click here for Address details and map

By Car: Drop off 500 Dongdaming Lu (500 东大名路) and follow the signs (it's a 5 minutes walk).

By Metro: It's 10 minutes walk from the International Cruise Terminal Station (Line 12).

frequently asked questions
  • How do I reserve my spot for a specific date and time?

    Reserving your space in each show slot is mandatory for every visitor. After booking tickets through the QR code above you can make a reservation directly in the same app.

    If you've previously purchased tickets on SmartTicket, scan the code below to make a reservation. You'll be asked to scan a QR code, that's the one that was sent to you from SmartTicket by Email.

  • What is the minimum age to enter the show?

    Children as young as 1 year’s old are permitted entry to the show.

  • How long does each exhibition experience last?

    Each schedule exhibition group will experience a 40-minute immersive experience.

  • What language is the exhibition in?

    The exhibition does not make use of spoken / verbal components. The entire experience is composed entirely of sounds and visuals.